Booking Form

Room Managers’ Turbocharged ‘Booking Form’

More than just a button…Room Manager offers you much more than just a button! Check out this demonstration below. You can see the different ways it can be integrated into your site by following these links to sites that are already using the same technology you could have for your website!


‘Booking Form’

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Integrated button

Integrated Button

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Room Manager uses the amazing ResOnline ‘Booking Form’

  • specifically designed to turn your web traffic into bookings;
  • fully integrated widget embeds into your website;
  • lets users stay on your website to view availability and rates;
  • integrates with the online distribution channel manager;
  • allows you to have a complete e-commerce booking site;
  • gives you plenty of options to be incorporated into your website the way YOU want.

All this, with just a few simple additions to your web page!