Here’s what our customers say…

Just wanted to pass on how much we love the Room Manager system, having used another channel manager this is amazing! There is no double handling, wotif bookings just appear with all the details. The notices which go to our email confirm the methods of payment, and remind us to collect payment for our direct website bookings. We are able to control packages and rates easily.

Their support has been an amazing help to us, and the features which are continually being added are obviously carefully thought through by someone who has worked in this industry. The entire system seems to be set up to make life easier, when technology can sometimes just add layers of complexity. When a phone booking comes in we click on the date/room put in the guest details and cc info and save it, secure, simple and accurate. There is plenty of room to adjust dates/times/notes. The bookings can be printed for guest check in, or we just do it straight online, leaving a screen open to check details when necessary, efficient and professional.

I would estimate that this system saves us about 2-4 hours of taking channel managing/ thinking & worrying/bookings/confirmations/email checking/ payment checking each week, and we have a very small operation. It has also made it incredibly easy for all the staff.

Mantons Creek Vineyard

Changed all my linkages this morning, so now Room Manager is my booking engine. I just love the simplicity of it all! It's so easy to use! Especially the mapping bit! Helpdesk is great too, getting back to me fairly quick smart on a few issues.

I know I'm still on a trial run, but I love it and think it outweighs FrontDesk anytime! Look forward to being with Room Manager for a long, long time!

Holmwood Guesthouse

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with room manager it has so many awesome features & is so easy to use . I love the booking button & the fact our guests can book on our web site without paying commissions to a 3rd party. Updating rooms on 14 sites would take hours now I can sleep easy knowing everything is up to date at the click of a mouse.

Bundanoon Lodge