Enhanced Guest Itineraries Update


We at Tour Manager are excited to announce that our Enhanced Guest Itineraries have been officially released as of Wednesday 29th March 2017 from 9am AEST! We've completely redesigned them from the ground up, providing operators and guests with a streamlined professional look that's easier to use. To make this new update as painless and easy as possible we've prepared an array of information to help you get started.

We've made setup really simple by providing you with all the information you need to be a pro at the new system in no time. Tour Manager clients now have access to a new Itinerary Setup page via the Tour Manager console which will introduce all of the new changes and help you run through the basics. This page can be found in the Setup dropdown menu under Itinerary Setup (Beta).


In addition, the redesigned booking notification emails sent to guests and operators will include a nicely styled summary, with the full itinerary provided as an attachment.


Operators can now choose from a variety of itinerary options to send or print to guests, such as,

  • Summary itineraries
  • Full itineraries
  • Tickets
  • Enhanced tax invoice
  • Itineraries for all bookings
  • Itineraries for specific bookings
  • Printer versions for tax invoices and tickets

Guest summary emails will also have a full PDF itinerary attached.  The attached PDF will include more detail than the summary in their email body.  An example of the attachment can be viewed here


Operators can also set up individual itineraries for different statuses. These include:

  • Booking Confirmed and Paid (CP)
  • Booking Confirmed Unpaid (CU)
  • Booking Unconfirmed Unpaid (CC)
  • Booking Cancelled (CP)


You can also find documentation explaining the new setup below:


Slide Deck



  • The size of the itinerary logo you upload needs to be 350 x 150 pixels in .png or .jpg format.
  • When uploading a header, Tour Manager recommends you use this to promote your brand. One standalone image banner looks fantastic, but whether you use written content, an image or a combination of both, include links back to your website.
  • The footer can be used for your operation's contact details.
  • Keep in mind that if you do override the text, it will affect the look of the email (so dont go crazy with the amount of text you include!).