Here’s what our customers say…


After years of painfully managing our bookings manually we recently invested in Bookeasy’s Room Manager and it has completely changed the way we run our business. We used to purposely limit the number of channels we signed up with to ensure we could process them manually. Nowadays we have at least a dozen more major channels and the bookings have increased dramatically. At the same time, we’re doing much, much less work and making far fewer errors like dreaded double bookings.


Room Manager is our new best, and indispensable, friend. Its reliable, easy to use intuitive and has outstanding reporting formats. The change to Room Manager has allowed us to automate many laborious functions that we previously undertook manually. We’ve saved time, we’re making more money and our brand is now growing steadily. I was a diehard holdout for ages before we changed to a channel manager. Take it from me, Room Manager is the best and you won’t look back once take the leap.  Don’t worry…the onboarding process was super easy and help was always there immediately when we needed it.

Dave Penman, General Manager, Clifftop at Hepburn

Fantastic! The ladies were really excited about the new system which in itself is great progress. Thanks for all your help.

Boutique Bungalows