Managing your reservations is easy with Room Manager. Room Manager provides a reservations calendar to easily and quickly add bookings for all of your products. You can also easily edit and add bookings to already existing reservations, all from within one easy to use booking screen.


  • Clean easy to read reservation screen
  • Sophisticated reservations calendar with user-friendly filters
  • Easily edit or move reservations between dates and rooms
  • Easy room allocations
  • Easy to use colourised booking status
  • Auto-assign agents and agent voucher codes to your bookings
  • Add extras and upsells to bookings
  • User-friendly availability calendar with the ability for closeouts
  • Customer data stored for easy marketing opportunities
  • Add custom payment types or take secure credit card payments, all from the one screen
  • Send customer letters automatically from the reservations screen
  • Receive SMS’s for bookings, so you can be out running your business
  • Guest CRM that allows you to search and allocate a booking to an existing guest
  • Multiple booking functionalities
  • Payment reconciliation

View just how easy it is to add or edit reservations

monthly reservations
Monthly Reservations

View your monthly reservations and easily determine number of rooms booked.

reservations arrivals departures
Reservations at a Glance

View your arrivals, departures, and upcoming reservations at a glance.

manage availability of rooms
Easy Availability Management

Manage availability and close out rooms with ease. Increase, decrease or set availability with simple drag and drop functionality, including bulk updating of availability.