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Room Manager - Availability.


Normally you will not need to adjust the availability in Room Manager. The availability will automatically be adjusted as each new online booking is made, or when you enter a reservation.


There may, however, be times that you need to close out a room manually.
An example would be if the room is out of service due to maintenance. To manually close out a room, follow the steps below. You can also close out a range of dates using the Block/Unblock Range interface.


1.From the home menu, hover over the "Reservation Calendar" link until the drop down menu appears. Move your mouse down to the "Availability" link and click.

2.Alternatively you can click on the "Availability" link under the "Quick Links" heading from the Main Menu.






Adjusting the availability.


1.Once the Accommodation Availability page opens enter the month and year you would like to adjust the availabiltiy for.

2.Then click "Refresh Dates"

3.You will notice for each room type for each day there are three links, the first is where you enter how many rooms you would like to "Close Out" (Make unavailable for sale)

4.The second line show how many bookings you have for a particular date

5.And the third line shows how many rooms are still for sale.

6.Once you have made your changes, be sure to click "Save Changes"